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Weekly Hire (min 6 night hire)

We offer a weekly hire package in Campbell.  With our wealth of knowledge we can help you plan your stay here in Scotland with a personalised itinerary, please just ask.


Coming soon for Wedding Hire -  Cerys

From Saturday 3 pm until the following Friday 11am

Other days are possible please ask us for details

None Peak Season (Apr - May & Sep) £720

Peak Season (Jun - Aug) £750

Optional Extras:

Sleeping Bag and Pillow £5 (per person) 

Also included on request at no extra cost


Car parking for your vehicle

Additional drivers - please ask for details as based on our insurance terms & conditions (max 3 people)

Outdoor table and chairs

Order your groceries online, deliver to us and we will stock the camper so you are ready to go. NB the fridge in Campbell is camping size ;-)

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